• Suzan & Ben

    48 stories in french

    Follow the stories of Suzanne and Ben, Lunii heroes! Stories of adventure, love, friendship that will appeal to both girls and boys. Stories to have fun and let his imagination run free


    These stories are included in the product.

    By Jeanne & Claude Delafosse, Mickaël Ndongo and Charles Deinausard

    Good Night

    6 stories in french

    Sweet poetic adventures to make beautiful dreams. Calm and sparkling stories to relax before sleep.


    These stories are offered with the product.

    By Betty Bouteiller


    18 stories in french

    Stories of pirates! A funny hero, always in search of treasures and a strong and smart heroine who runs through the Seven Seas. If you are cravings for adventures, these stories are made for you!


    1500 lun's (9,90 €)

    By Karine Braud

    In Space!

    18 stories in french

    Stories to go on the adventure beyond the Earth. Heroes shifted and endearing that one dreams to meet...


    1500 lun's (9,90 €)

    By Mickaël Ndongo

    It's wonderful!

    18 stories in french

    Stories of fairies, animals and princesses. The marvelous tales will take you in turn in the forest, in beautiful castles, in unexplored places... Stories to dream and escape...


    1500 lun's (9,90 €)

    By Christophe Loupy

    Merry Chrsitmas !

    18 stories in french

    Find all the traditional Christmas characters: Santa Claus, the leprechaun manufacturer of toys, flying reindeer, but also more wacky heroes like Father Fouetard! Laughter, surprises, dreams. Nothing better to spend magical holidays!


    1500 lun's (9,90 €)

    By Anne Cévènes

  • Lunii, my Fabulous Storyteller

    Lunii is the fabulous Storyteller for 3 to 8 years old! It is up to them to choose the hero, the place, the second character and the object. Lunii then tells one of the 48 stories they can make. A magical experience of listening mixing innovation and tradition. To develop the imagination of children, rediscover the magic of audio stories...